Other Directing Credits

Scarlatti Cantatas

Fables, by Rorem

A Hand of Bridge, by Barber

A Sunday Excursion

Bad Date:  A Cautionary Tale

The Women, by Pasatieri

I Can’t Stand Wagner, by Barab

The Ruined Maid, by Barab

The Weill Project, music of Weill

Abraham and Isaac, by Britten

Sea Dream, by Wensley

Love, L. Cohen, music of Leonard Cohen

Missed Connections, by Sysco

Lady Macbeth, by Pasatieri

Shakespeare’s Kingdom

September Songs, music of Weill

Canadian Cabaret I, II, & III

The Man Who Shot Chance Delany, by Ian Wier, Assistant Director

Hermit Songs, by Barber

Satie de Paris

Mein Herze Schwimmt im Blut, Cantata BWV 199, by J.S. Bach

Dichterliebe, by Schumann

Ich Habe Genug, Cantata BWV 82, by J.S. Bach