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Stage Director

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Acis and Galatea named One of Vancouver’s Best Operas of 2017

Nigredo Hotel named One of Vancouver’s Best ‘Most Challenging Experiments’ of 2018

“Holding it all together with adroit timing, placement and character interaction was Alan Corbishley’s intelligent and insightful direction.” Opera Canada, 2018, review of Nigredo Hotel, City Opera Vancouver.

For all its wild swings of tone, the production’s momentum never flags, thanks in large part to stage director Alan Corbishley’s deft pacing and blocking.” Vancouver Observer, Gotham’s Nigredo Hotel, 2018

“He is the rare stage director whose embodied knowledge as a highly experienced musical performer animates his cast and turns the stage into a living space of discovery and wonder. With small budgets and short timeframes or large budgets and expansive schedules, his flexible inventiveness makes magic.”   Rena Sharon, Former Artistic Director of VISI (Vancouver International Song Institute)

 “(Silent Chap was) great proof that not only does Alan have a unique and impressive vision, he is also able to fully execute that vision into an impressively high quality and ambitious product. He passionately tackles new artistic practices while exploring the most efficient and collaborative ways to work with his creative partners.”  Daryl Cloran, Artistic Director of Citadel Theatre

“Alan Corbishley’s direction was fluid, playful and dark by turns…and introducing a concept of the opera more dramatically compelling than the original… (and) an auspicious production from a new troupe in town.” Vancouver Classical Music, review of Handel’s Acis and Galatea, 2017

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