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“(Silent Chap was) great proof that not only does Alan have a unique and impressive vision, he is also able to fully execute that vision into an impressively high quality and ambitious product. He passionately tackles new artistic practices while exploring the most efficient and collaborative ways to work with his creative partners.” 

Daryl Cloran, Artistic Director of Citadel Theatre

Shows Created/Wrote/Designed/Devised/Directed

The Berlin Project (Upcoming with City Opera Vancouver) for 2020

Silent Chap

Dragging Piaf

Webley aWaits


September Songs

Canadian Cabaret 1, 2 + 3

Satie de Paris

Western Canada Summer Games Ceremonies


Silent Chap Trailer

Dragging Piaf


Photo/Flash MOB for WCSG 2011 Closing Ceremonies

Photo/Flash MOB for WCSG 2011 Closing Ceremonies